Stonehenge’s German Relatives

Germany is not very well known for its megalithic sites so we were delighted to find so many and such variety on display. Join us on our tour of Deutschland as we visit the usual suspects in the menhirs, dolmen, stone circles and an alignment and find more evidence of rock shaping, use of stones with a high level of crystal content, cup marks and show the various types of dolmen present on German soil.

Megalithic Tour of Portugal

In this film we tour some of the amazing megaliths on display in Portugal.
We visit the ‘Stonehenge of Portugal’, the world’s tallest dolmen, a square stone circle, a variety of cairns and some body sized holes carved into the rocks, as well as a number of standing stones, stone circles and dolmen, with two of those dolmen converted into chapels, and we also cross into Spain to film some stone bulls and boar.

Stonehenge is the Tip of the Iceberg

In this film we tour some of the most interesting megalithic sites in the U.K and go on to show how the entire planet is covered with ancient monuments built from huge stones suggesting there was a global civilisation before our current one. We also present evidence that this global civilisation was spiritually and technologically more advanced that the general population of today and existed before the last ice age.

Sites we visited include Avebury, The Hurlers, The Rollright Stones, Brodgar Ring, Skara Brae, Castlerigg, Swinside, Carnac and various other sites from over the years we have been travelling.

The Carnac Stone Alignments

Nothing can really prepare you for the first time you see Carnac, its an amazing place, with so many megaliths decorating the French countryside in an area of France famous for having one of the densest collections of megaliths in the world.

At the end of 2016 we crossed the English Channel to film a structure that absolutely baffles researchers who can only guess at the reasons why over 3000 stones, weighing up to 67 tons were erected in lines stretching across a thin 4km long strip of Brittany. We visited all of the different sections, taking some amazing drone footage and the film also features some of the menhirs and dolmen/tumulus structures in close proximity to the alignments, including the le Grand Menhir Brise that would have stood over 20m tall and weighed 350 tons before it broke into 4 pieces.

Cart Ruts Explored

In 2013 we toured the islands of Malta and Gozo videoing the temples, the various megaliths and the main topic of this film, the mysterious cart ruts. Little is known about why they are spread all over Malta, in this film we show you why the mainstream theories are pretty weak and give some alternative explanations.

They are also found in many places around the world, from Mexico, India, Brazil, Turkey and sites all over Europe so they could be evidence of an ancient and global civilization in our past.

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Megaliths of Malta

At the end of 2013 we paid the islands of Malta and Gozo a visit to document some of the 150+ sites where the mysterious cart ruts are found, the temples made from huge megalithic blocks as well as some of the megalithic ruins our ancestors left behind on the Maltese islands.

Petra Explored

We finally got round to editing this film shot in January 2014. An amazing and mysterious archaeological site hidden in the desert in Jordan. Take a look at some of the structures that you don’t often see talked about.

Easter Aquhorthies – A Recumbent Stone Circle

Stone circles are found all over the planet and on our 2013 road-trip around the UK we visited a particular type with a recumbent stone feature within the circle. Please SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel for more on our upcoming…….

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Ancient and Sacred Sites of Poland

In the summer of 2016 we toured Poland visiting some amazing megalithic ruins in the north and some powerful sacred sites scattered over the rest of the country. Take a look at Odry, Wesiory and Grzybnica stone circles, the Polish…….

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Adams Calendar Explored

Mick and Rich visited this site while travelling around Southern Africa. This site was quite simply amazing, a huge network of millions of stone circles of different shapes and sizes, many connected by channels or veins and a megalithic complex…….

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