Living in a Van – Project Introduction

In the summer of 2018 I moved into a van with the intention of experimenting with and investigating an alternative way of living, and that’s what this project is all about. When you only glimpse at living in a van it seems to have some very obvious drawbacks, like a lack of space or where to do your laundry but as I have found out over the last few years there are plenty of benefits too.

Livestream Tour – Dartmoor Nat.Park

We visited 4/5 sites in the Dartmoor National Park, it should have been more but the mobile internet connection created a hell of a challenge so the last video doesn’t really count.

Livestream Tour – Oxfordshire

We started Live-streaming during the Courna-18 Virus lockdown as we were living in a van at the time and were able to visit ancient sites. Live-streaming was a way to allow people to join us and be a part of the exploration of the sites, while confined to their houses.

We visited 4 sites in Oxfordshire

Megaliths in Uppland, Sweden

take a look at the stone ships, the rune carved stones, rows of standing stones, ridges covered in standing stones, stones hidden in the forest, an abundance of pyramid shaped stones, right angles cut into rocks and much much more. We use an Oldfield filter to try and see some of the energies that are supposed to be emitted from some of the stones, which is fascinating footage in itself.

Ancient Ireland Explored

In the summer of 2019 I went on a road trip of Ireland with some friends of mine. This film features a range of dolmen, stone circles, passage graves, stone alignments and one of the most interesting standing stones I have seen with what looks like finger marks and evidence of stone polishing.
A great trip in a great country full of lovely people.

An Austrian Pyramid

In the Summer of 2019 Mick visited a mysterious pyramid found in the Austrian Forest.
It is situated in a park with 5 sites known for their subtle energies, popular for healing and dowsing, with the age hotly disputed.
Also take a look at the “Natural Formations” found in the Czech Republic.

A Megalithic Site in Slovakia

On my road-trip around Slovakia I couldn’t resist stopping at one of the only megalithic sites in the country. It is a standing stone surrounded by fallen stones but there has been a lot of reconstruction so the exact structure of the site is hard to determine.

The Worlds Largest Dolmen

We visited an amazing site in the South of Spain, known as the World’s largest dolmen it has a massive capstone weighing 180 tons.