Urban Greening in Johannesburg

A really cool inner-city permaculture project we visited during one of our visits to Johannesburg. We made this video as we were impressed by Hanneke’s innovation, she converted a swimming pool into a greenhouse and had some great permaculture ideas.

The Happy Toes Permaculture Project

Another really cool permaculture project in South Africa, close to Groot Marico. We stayed with a lovely couple who had decided to start living off-grid using some great permaculture ideas, their story might just inspire you to do the same.

The Vortex, Malta

In November 2013 we volunteered at an eco-friendly village in Malta, which is part of a project aiming to live naturally and inspire creativity. It was the first of these type of projects we visited and it inspired us to visit many more.

Creative Recycling

While making ‘Urban Greening’ we took the time to film Netanya, an artist recycling all sorts rubbish materials to create some beautiful art pieces


A short video we made whilst filming ‘The Vortex’. This is a technique used to speed up the tree growing process.

Alternative Currencies – Introducing the CES

Money seems to create so many problems in the world. We interviewed a group starting a trade and barter form of exchanging goods. A great idea that could help all of us if we start to use such schemes.