France to Denmark Tour, 2022

Two Huge Dolmen in Northern France

In December 2022 I visited two massive dolmen and took some beautiful shots of the stones covered in moss. The largest capstone at La Roche aux Fees weighs 45 tons, with the largest at Le Dolmen de Bagneux weighing 86 tons. All of the stones at La Roche aux Fees combined weigh more than 500 tons, and both structures measure more than 20 metres in length.

Les Menhirs de Monteneuf

One of the most amazing sites in France with more than 400 menhirs and a collection of burial chambers, all buried in the woods 90km east of Carnac, Northern France. There are potentially 7 lines of stone, no clear reason for these structures and stones weighing 20-30 tons. A truly beautiful and mysterious site.

Scotland Tour, 2022

The Machrie Moor Megaliths

In the summer of 2022 we visited the Isle of Arran, a beautiful island off the coast of Scotland. We explored the Machrie Moor Megaliths, a collection of monuments with several different styles of structure, from concentric circles, circles formed from small grey boulders, the remains of circles built from red sandstone, former cairns, dolmen and single standing stones, and the site was originally started with timber circles. Only a tiny part of the moor has been excavated so it is likely that there are other archaeological remains beneath, and between the visible sites, which produce solar and lunar alignments at certain times of the year.

Arbor Low Stone Circle

A fascinating site we in the Peak District in England. A stone circle with stones on the ground, pointing out from the centre of the circle. There are also a couple of mounds all surrounded by beautiful scenery.

USA 2019

American Dolmen

We visited Balanced Rock in New York State which is the most stand out dolmen found on the American continent, with 2 different types of rock creating possible energy transfer. We also show other potential dolmen such as Tripod Rock and we state the case for advanced levels of construction in America in our ancient past.

Tryst Falls Cart Ruts, Missouri, USA

We visit some cart ruts next to a waterfall in Missouri, USA. There are 2 features at this site that suggest the official story behind their creation is false, namely the 30-40cm gap and the ‘Y-shaped’ end to only one of the rut lines.

Summer 2019

An Austrian Pyramid

In the Summer of 2019 Mick visited a mysterious pyramid found in the Austrian Forest. It is situated in a park with 5 sites known for their subtle energies, popular for healing and dowsing, with the age hotly disputed. Also take a look at the “Natural Formations” found in the Czech Republic.

A Megalithic Site in Slovakia

On my road-trip around Slovakia I couldn’t resist stopping at one of the only megalithic sites in the country. It is a standing stone surrounded by fallen stones but there has been a lot of reconstruction so the exact structure of the site is hard to determine.

Road-trips, 2018

The Worlds Largest Dolmen

We visited an amazing site in the South of Spain, known as the World’s largest dolmen it has a massive capstone weighing 180 tons.

A Delightful Dutch Dolmen

A really cool dolmen we visited in Holland

Hitch-hiking Malta, 2013

We toured Malta for 5 weeks and were amazed by the temples and the cart ruts and delighted to find standing stones and dolmen.

Cut Ruts Explored

We toured the islands of Malta and Gozo visiting the temples, the various megaliths and the mysterious cart ruts. Little is known about why they are spread all over Malta, in this film we show you why the mainstream theories are pretty weak and give some alternative explanations. They are also found in many places around the world, from Mexico, India, Brazil, Turkey and sites all over Europe.

Megaliths of Malta

The temples are made from huge megalithic blocks but there are also some of the usual megalithic ruins we find all over the globe, such as dolmen and standing stones.

The Tombs of the Kings – Cyprus

Mick visited this site on one of his backpacking trips in 2014 and made this video to show the tombs and other structures that might pre-date the tombs.

Southern France Tour, 2013

In 2013 Mick worked in Southern France and used the opportunity to visit a number of different sites.

Megalithic Roadtrip in France – Standing Stones

A short film about some of the standing stones we visited on our road-trip in Southern France.

Stone Circles in France

France is not well known for its stone circles but we visited 3, including 1 that is on the border between France and Italy.

Gallardet Dolmen

This is a restored dolmen within its mound and surrounded by a ring of stones.

Stone Spheres in France

We videoed our visit to some possible stone spheres in a beautiful location close to St Andre de Rosan.

The Necropolis of Elles

While in Tunisia I visited an ancient megalithic complex with large stones used to build dolmen / tomb type structures.

Potential Pyramids in Italy

We visited a number of sites in Italy that were listed online as potential pyramids but with little photographic evidence, we went to see for ourselves.

Pyramids in Italy – Part 1 – Santa Agata del Goti

Piramida ora Hilla Part 1 – A pyramid shaped hill in Santa Agata del Goti in Southern Italy.

See what you think Pyramid or just a hill ?

Pyramids in Italy – Part 2 – Lago di Piediluco

Piramida ora Hilla Part 2 – A couple of pyramid shaped hills right next to Piediluco in Central Italy.

See what you think Pyramid or just a hill ?

Pyramids in Italy – Part 3 – Pontassieve

Piramida ora Hilla Part 3 – A couple of pyramid shaped hills right next to Pontassieve in Central Italy, 14km from Florence.

See what you think Pyramid or just a hill ?

Pyramids in Italy – The Mt San Martino Monolith

A 5m tall monolith with a pyramidal shape, in an area full of megaliths 60km South of Milan.

Easter Aquhorthies – A Recumbent Stone Circle

Stone circles are found all over the planet and on our 2013 road-trip around the UK we visited a particular type with a recumbent stone feature within the circle