The Modern Explorers

We formed in early 2013 after a Megalithic road-trip around the U.K. This was a crowd-funding project and our first trip together in which we travelled to sites such as Avebury (the world’s largest stone circle), we followed the famous St Michael’s Leyline and spent time on the Orkney Islands. We enjoyed the sites and the filming so much we decided we wanted to create a platform to show our photos, videos and research.

Jay has a very busy life which has forced Mick to teach himself how to make films and build websites. You will see our earlier films are of a much more amateur standard but hopefully you can also see the progress we have made and that we have reached a standard that caused the Science channel to commission us to make a pilot.

Over the years we have focused on visiting and researching ancient sites but we have also visited some great eco-friendly projects while on the road. We are constantly evolving and welcome new ideas and contributions to our mission.

Our aim is to add to the growing evidence that suggests there was once a global civilisation more advanced and older than the mainstream narrative suggests.

Contact us if you would like to be involved.

Mick Hobday

Mick grew up in the South of England, graduated university with a degree in Genetics and then chose to go travelling from Alaska to South America. He became hooked on the travel life and has now visited 90 countries and 100’s of ancient sites. He now works as a Science and Maths teacher but this is to fund his travels and megalithic investigations.

During his travels he has visited Petra, Egyptian pyramids and tombs, Machu Pichu and the Nazca lines in Peru, Tiwanaku, a lost city in the Colombian jungle, pyramids in Mexico and Guatemala, the Angkor complex in Cambodia, Adams Calendar in South Africa, potential pyramids in Bosnia and Italy, the amazing Carnac in France, Gobekli tepe and Kaymakli in Turkey, the Stonehenge of Portugal, dolmen fields of the middle east, and many other megalithic sites all over the world.

Mick filming at Arbor Lowe Stone Circle

Jason Getchell

Jay was born and raised in Northern California, about twenty minutes from San Francisco. He moved to Long Beach when he was 18 and attended CSULB, later transferring to Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, British Columbia. After graduating from VFS he moved to New York City to pursue a career in motion picture, he worked for Black Entertainment Television and MTV for five years before moving back to Los Angeles only to find himself back home in the San Francisco Bay Area a year later. While back home he worked for ABC’s local news affiliate and won an Emmy Award for working on a show called “7Live” (No longer around, but a fun show when it was on.)

In early 2013 he was glad to have finally broken out of his career shell, and happy to continue his efforts to travel the globe. He wanted to see the world for what it really was, is, and will become, and not just how mainstream media outlets present it.

Jay filming between the lines at Carnac