We are travellers, researchers and film makers who have travelled to more than 90 countries and visited 100’s of ancient sites.

We started filming in 2013 to share our visits and document our megalithic tours.

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Our latest film about a megalithic complex found on a small island off the coast of West of Scotland

Who are We ?

We are Mick and Jay

From our trip to Carnac in France
From our trip to Holland

Our fascination with ancient sites began in 2002 …

Sites Mick Visited from 2002 – 2013

La Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

Mick travelled extensively around South America, Asia and Europe before forming the Modern Explorers. He found ancient stone structures everywhere he went and his fascination just grew and grew until it eventually infected Jay.

The Plain of Jars, Laos

… and our fascination continued to grow as we realised how many sites are found around the world and how little is known about them.

Countries we have visited sites in

Our fascination exploded when we looked at the mounting evidence that contradicts the mainstream narrative.


The Significant Evidence

Ancient sites have historically been investigated by local institutions, a nearby university would organise a dig, present their findings and theories and then, in the case of most sites, usually that would be it.

Since the internet we have been able to join the dots and make comparisons to build a more concise picture of what our ancestors were up to. New discoveries have been made such as all the stone circles near Gobekli tepe in Turkey, Gunung Padang in Indonesia or the work Robert Schoch presented about the sphinx in Egypt.

The evidence is mounting causing some researchers to claim there was an ancient civilisation that was more advanced than we are today, that they were inhabiting all corners of the globe and are much more ancient than we have been lead to believe. There are others that easily dismiss such evidence as pseudoscience or a conspiracy theory and chose to follow the mainstream narrative with regard to our past.

We feel a quest for truth and wish to investigate, and we feel that some of this evidence is significant enough to warrant our investigations.

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