Oxfordshire Tour

The Hawk Stone

We had the idea to live-stream during the Lockdowns in 2020 and we were guided to this beautiful stone and chose it to start our Live-streaming project.

It’s short as Mick was trying to figure out the phone. We did go back the day after and did a better job (See Below)

The Hawk Stone – Take 2

This is a single standing stone close to the Rollright Stones. We used it to test out our new live-streaming set up in preparation for an up and coming tour.

The Hoar Stone

This is actually the remains of a dolmen and was apparently a significant site according to folklore.

The Rollright Stones

A remarkable collection of sites with a dolmen, a standing stones, cairns and a very unique stone circle made from stones that are full of holes. This site is very popular and has an in-depth history with numerous books written about it.

Dartmoor National Park

The Yellowmeade Stone Circles

This is a very unique site with 4 concentric stone circles made from a variety of stone sizes. The largest circle is 20m across and the smallest is 6m.

Cosdon Hill Triple Stone Row

There are 3 parallel rows of stones running down a hill for at least 140m. There is a cairn at the end of the rows, which are not straight but curve slightly south. Set in a beautiful location.

The Merrivale Complex

There are many structures at this location and more to be discovered in the surrounding area. There are a number of stone rows, a circle, cairns, cists and a standing stone.

Spinsters Rock

A beautiful dolmen with a large capstone and 3 upright stones