Our Most Popular Film – an overview of an alternative human history

Stonehenge is the Tip of the Iceberg

This film was made using footage from our first trip in 2013 when we toured some of the most interesting megalithic sites in the U.K. We show how the entire planet is covered with ancient monuments built from huge stones suggesting there was a global civilisation before our current one. We also present evidence that this global civilisation was spiritually and technologically more advanced that the general population of today and existed before the last ice age.

Megalithic Tour of Portugal

Portugal is covered in megaliths and sacred sites, so we set off on a camping trip in November 2017. We began our tour in the area known as the ‘Megalithic Universe’ where we visit the Portuguese Stonehenge and the tallest dolmen in the world. We continue to visit a number of standing stones and more stone circles as well as a square stone formation, a stone alignment, free-standing dolmen, dolmen within burial mounds and even a couple of dolmen that have been converted into chapels. We also cross the border into Spain to visit some of the hundreds of megalithic stone boars and bulls known as Los Verracos.

Ancient Ireland Explored

In the summer of 2019 we went on a road trip of Ireland, visiting stone circles, passage graves, stone alignments, menhirs and a range of dolmen, including Brownshill dolmen which has a 150 ton capstone (one of the heaviest in Europe). We visited Ireland’s largest stone circle and found alignments to solstices, and the position that the moon rising on the horizon.

A great trip in a great country full of lovely people.

Stonehenge’s German Relatives

Germany is not very well known for its megalithic sites but we were delighted to find there are many, with such variety on display. Join us on our tour of Deutschland as we visit the usual types of site including menhirs, various types of dolmen, stone circles and an alignment, as well as more evidence of rock shaping and use of stones with a high level of crystal content.

Ancient and Sacred Sites of Poland

In the summer of 2016 we toured Poland visiting some amazing megalithic ruins in the north and some powerful sacred sites in various other parts of the country. Take a look at Odry, Wesiory and Grzybnica stone circles, the Polish pyramids, the Borkowo dolmen, Wawel Castle, Mt Sleza and a host of other sacred sites. Also featured are the Pyramid of Merkine and Pokaini forest in the Baltics. There are astrological alignments and areas where people feel energy coming from the ground and experience healing.

The Carnac Stone Alignments

At the end of 2016 we visited an area of France famous for having one of the densest collections of megaliths in the world. This site has over 3000 stones weighing up to 67 tons, in lines stretching across a thin 4km long strip in Brittany.

We visited the different sections of the alignments, taking some amazing drone footage. We also visited some of the menhirs and dolmen structures close to the alignments. One of these sites was le Grand Menhir de Brise that would have stood over 20m tall and weighed 350 tons before it broke into 4 pieces.

Petra Explored

An amazing and mysterious archaeological site hidden in the desert in Jordan. Take a look at some of the structures that you don’t often see talked about as we give a look at the entire site, not just the main structures. We show the temples but also menhirs emanating from the bedrock, possibly acting as giant sun clocks and we show how much rock carving exists in the area. Filmed in January 2014.

Megaliths in Uppland, Sweden

There are literally thousands of megalithic standing stones in Uppland and Maria Stehn guided Mick around a number of them during the summer of 2019 They spent 6 days frantically filming interesting megalithic formations such as stone ships, rows of stones, ridges covered in standing stones and stones hidden in the forest. We also show the rune carved stones, an abundance of pyramid shaped stones, right angles cut into rocks and much more.

Adams Calendar Explored

Take a look at our visit to some of the millions of stone circles in the northeast of South Africa. Adams Calendar is a recent megalithic discovery that could force us to reconsider what happened in the ancient past. We show some possible pyramids, circles connected by stone channels, stones that ring like bells and some fascinating artifacts that have been discovered.

Megaliths of The Spanish Pyrenees

A film we made about our 10 day road trip in August 2014, during which we visited a number of fascinating megalithic sites set in some stunning mountain scenery..

Megalithic Mexico

In August 2020 we travelled to Mexico, and despite the covid outbreak we still managed to film a number of sites. We visit the pyramids at Teotihuacan with its multiple layers of construction, we visit a huge megalithic statue in Mexico City and some other sites with remnants of a megalithic culture.

Save the Dolmen Fields

This is a film we made about dolmen fields in Israel and Jordan, which are in danger of being destroyed. Jordan is situated in such a significant area when you consider human history and it has one of the densest concentrations of dolmen in the world. Take a look at the fields of dolmen in the Golan Heights and the small door like holes in the dolmen we visited close to Amman.